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Living, Dining and Lovely Details

Each living space in the house has its purpose, and each can be enhanced in many different ways. You know what these spaces lack; whether you know the how to capture the value or you need help with ideas, HTR Construction can help. We offer our clients the best options for maximizing the use of all of the space in their home.


Whether converting your basement to a playroom, home office or workout room, basements are often perfectly suited for one of these or many other uses. Materials and systems are available to make finished rooms out of spaces that one never thought could be useful. 


There seems to always be a use for more closet space, and even better storage within that closet space. Walk-in closets are just one of many ways to keep more things out of sight and properly stored. Closet upgrades are practical projects that add value in many different ways. 


Built-in storage units, bookshelves, wood wainscoting and molding can all transform the look, feel and function of any place in your home. 


Adding comfort and warmth to your home and leisure to your lifestyle are only some of the benefits of a new fireplace. There are many choices on the market today that can bring that peace of mind and cozy feeling without adding trouble and work.

Ready to get started on that project you’ve been dreaming about? Contact HTR Construction to make that dream a reality.