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Exterior Home Improvement

A sound exterior is the first way to protect the investment in your home. Energy efficiency is a concern for many homeowners; thermal protection against the elements saves money and adds value. There are many replacement options available today that reduce or eliminate ongoing maintenance and are aesthetically pleasing. HTR Construction has experience understanding which ones are the best fit for your property. Exterior systems work together to protect your investment and keep you comfortable.


An appealing front door says “welcome”! Hardware, lighting and protection from the elements all come together to make your entry safe and functional for you, your family and your guests. There are many ways to make this statement and HTR Construction can help you choose and install a combination that is tied together by your front door.


Skylights, ridge vents, shingle replacement and flat rubber roofs make our range of roof solutions large or small.


We design and build decks of all shapes, sizes and materials. We combine careful planning with carpentry technique and current product knowledge to offer our customers a wide range of solutions to soak up the sun or host a get together.


Are your windows drafty? Do they have lead paint? We replace windows of all styles, sizes and finishes. Whole houses or one by one, we handle windows from start to finish.


We provide top quality exterior paint and wood conditioning projects for old and new surfaces as well as large and small projects.


Screened porches, entry porches, open porches and more allow you to enjoy the outdoors, free of worries, regardless of the weather conditions.


We patch, match and replace most all kinds of siding. From a weather distressed area to your entire house, we will keep the elements out and the finish of your exterior looking good and lasting long.


Wood, aluminum, copper and more, there are many styles and systems to manage stormwater and perimeter drainage systems. Ensuring proper drainage protects your home and keeps it safe from ice and water.


Substitutions for natural wood are a great way to save the environment and keep your home looking great for years to come. HTR Construction installs the materials that match your aesthetics and your budget.

"Thank you for handling this so promptly!" 

~Stephen, Lexington, MA


Ready to get started on that project you’ve been dreaming about? Contact HTR Construction to make that dream a reality.