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Custom Homes

Is your dream close to becoming reality? HTR Construction not only produces a well crafted, high quality home, but also has processes for making the experience the pleasure it should be. From the design phase to punch list, HTR brings knowledge and expertise to the product and the process. We provide the information you need to understand your choices, offer options that make a difference to you and help you to make good decisions. We put these together to build the home of your dreams.

The Team

We work with a design team to create a partnership that brings together the owner, designer and contractor in order to understand the variables that make-up a custom home project. With a focus on communicating the owner’s priorities, the necessary design elements and cost, information can quickly come together to put you at the front of the decision making process.

Cost Controls

With HTR Construction, our price never changes until you sign off on it. Upgrades, add-ons and substitutions are inevitable in any project with so many details; we provide a way for you to make the changes you want without sacrificing the deadline, the quality or the budget.

The Build

Commitment to preparation allows the process to advance according to schedule from the permit grant to the final warranty call. Our designers, employees, subcontractors and vendors work together to ensure the materials are selected and delivered on time. We anticipate construction problems and avoid most of them behind the scenes.

Follow Up

Our one year warranty is the best in the business. We hold to the highest standards while building and continue to even after the project is complete. Warranty issues related to normal expansion and contraction as well workmanship get handled quickly and efficiently. We stand behind our product and our reputation speaks for itself. Ask our satisfied customers!

The building process reaches far beyond breaking ground and cleaning up. HTR Construction handles the wide range of situations, conditions and obstacles that come up in building projects in a way that shifts your experience from frustration and worry to the assurance that you are in good hands with a partner that has the same interest you do in resolving all of the final details.

"The whole experience was wonderful!"

~Carmen & Thomas, Concord, MA

Ready to get started on that project you’ve been dreaming about? Contact HTR Construction to make that dream a reality.