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Bath Remodeling

Whether your bathroom is outdated, leaking or simply not practical for today’s needs, HTR Construction puts superior design, planning and preparation into every bathroom project. It seems so simple, but is yet so complicated. Everything in a bathroom needs to be thought about ahead of time; finishes sized and coordinated to fit and match. Timely deliveries, careful scheduling and consistent follow through make bathrooms a project that requires careful planning.


Bathroom remodeling is disruptive and a project will be completed only as quickly as all of the component parts are on-site and ready for installation. Our systems ensure that selections, schedule and availability all connect to make sure any disruption in your home happens for the minimal time period with as little disruption to your home life as possible. 

Plumbing Fixtures

There are many products and features on today’s market from the newest European designs to the simplest, most practical products; we work with them all. 


There are wide ranges of choices available for you to choose. If you have a hard time making decisions or if you are already looking torward visiting the showroom, HTR Construction will provide the help you need to understand the choices you are making and how it relates to the many other choices. 


Space is tight and storage is a premium when it comes to bathroom design. We’ll make sure you have considered all of the options available to maximize your storage needs and provide the finished look you want. 


When everything is installed in your new bathroom, it should all look like it was meant to be there. Small omissions are big nuisances and any imperfections get magnified in the tight space of a bathroom. We are aware of how important these details are and consider them all together for the best looking, most functional and long lasting bathroom you can have.

When we clean up and complete our work, you won’t be left with a mess. We control dust, we protect floors and we respect your home and your privacy. From start to finish and every day in between HTR Construction will take care to leave your house as clean or cleaner than it was when we first walked in.

Ready to get started on that project you’ve been dreaming about? Contact HTR Construction to make that dream a reality.