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(also known as Universal Design)

There are many options and upgrades that become useful and necessary as more and more homeowners choose to age-in-place in their existing homes for as long as possible. Some of these options are simple and easy, others require some modest level of disruption and coordination, and yet others call for a significant renovation depending on the existing conditions.

Top Aging-in-Place design components for your home:

  • First floor accessible living: This includes a bedroom, bath, kitchen, laundry and hallways that are all at least 42” wide, with doors that are 32” wide.
  • Bathroom needs to have a roll-in shower, with a hand-help adjustable shower head and grab bars.
  • Kitchen requires a side by side refrigerator, an elevated dishwasher and a range with front controls.
  • Laundry should be a front load washer and dryer.
  • Flooring must have safe, low or no thresholds, non-slip and low pile carpets and rugs.
  • Interior and exterior handrails need to be installed on both sides of stairs.
  • Storage should be accessible with adjustable height shelves in both closets and kitchens.
  • Lighting and outlets need to be located 18-48” above the floor, switches should be on dimmers.
  • Doors and faucets should have lever handles and D shaped pulls.       


Aging-In-Place Home Assessment Form

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