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Customized Solutions

thumbnail_IMG_0253.jpgCustomized Solutions- What distinguishes your project?

We want to ensure you understand everything that’s involved in your project is made clear. Special details and other information is important for our team to get right the first time. Our proposals are typically complemented by a Work Schedule and sometimes a schedule of allowances. Both support your understanding of exactly what you’re getting, how long it will take and what it will cost. We can propose options for upgrades, customize typical installations, just the way you want them, and supply sketches or designs to solve your specific problems. We have expertise in making disruptive living situations more bearable by creating temporary barriers and access to limit damage, control dust and keep your home safe and comfortable, while under construction. We describe the specific solutions and budget for them carefully in our written descriptions of work, which will become the core of our agreement. We handle any of your renovation challenges with creative approaches to design and problem solving, that are critical to overall project success. Using clear, detailed information, we create a written contract, then start planning your project.

Pre-Construction Services

What if you’re not sure about the details? Or the cost of your project?

Do you need guidance? Or specific problem solving expertise?

What will it take to make informed decisions?

Some homeowners we work with are in the beginning stages of defining a scope and budget, and need our help understanding if their project is viable. For those who need more information, or are not sure where to start, we offer Pre-Construction Services.

This service can be customized to provide information, estimates or options that go beyond simply replacing or refinishing existing spaces. Without designs, solutions and specific solutions, cost estimating for remodeling is a challenge if not impossible. We have volumes of information about projects similar to yours that we can draw from to provide options or other information relevant to your specific situation, before committing resources to solutions that don’t meet your budget. You draw upon our expertise to explore possibilities, or consider multiple ways of solving a problem before choosing a specific design or committing to a budget. Pre-construction Services is how we customize the information and choices specifically for you.

Project Schedule

download document We always create a project schedule to help plan your project, identify critical activities and ensure we finish your project on time and on budget.

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Materials Worksheet

download document We always create a materials worksheet to help plan your project, identify critical activities and ensure we finish your project on budget.

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Pre-Construction Services Agreement

Our pre-construction services agreement plans your project, download documentidentifies critical activities and ensures we finish your project on time and on budget.

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