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Asking Questions

Asking Questions


Where to start? By Asking Questions!

We ask homeowners questions that matter, to understand what matters to them. We have remodeled hundreds of homes and the technical challenges are usually not that different. With every project, clients have a different set of requirements that are specific to their living situation, budget and timetable. We want to start by finding out what those are, know about what is important to you and provide it in our scope of services. This is what makes your project unique, and success depends on understanding your needs and providing them. We have a way of collecting information that supports understanding what is special about your project and helping you get started.

Why are you considering a project? What are the issues you're aiming to address?

Will professional design services be needed? Do specific problems need to be solved?

What is your timetable for making a decision about it? When will you be ready to go forward with construction?

Does HTR Construction seem like the Right Contractor for You?

Together we can decide if we can meet your needs. If it looks like we’re the type of company you want to work with, we’ll schedule a site visit and come out to meet you. After looking at the existing conditions in your home and gathering all the information we need, you’ve got to be comfortable that the proposed project scope is clear, details are defined and your expectations can be met. When we get to this point, you’re probably ready for a Fixed-Price Proposal.

Fixed-Price Proposals (see example of one below)

Our detailed Fixed-Price Proposals help set clear expectations for homeowners, as well as our construction team members and trade experts alike. We describe the scope of and services to provide you the finished product you're looking for. We will identify the specific budgets for materials yet to be chosen, such as fixtures and tile. Our clearly written proposal will eventually become the basis of a contract.

Fixed Price Proposal or Pre-Construction Services?

Do You have Questions for us? Call us at 781-275-3073

Fixed-Price Proposal

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Our construction proposals describe your project in detail and in the same order we plan to complete your project.

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