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Is HTR Construction the Right Contractor for You?

How We Work

There are moments of stress in any undertaking that is worthwhile, particularly a home renovation. We have the patient and experienced staff to help you through these realities, in a friendly, reassuring manner. From the idea stages to the project close out, we'll keep you informed and updated with tried and true processes developed over 30 years of construction experience.

With our help:

  • We will discuss and agree on what you can expect from us, and also, what we will expect from you
  • You will be able to understand the entire design and construction process
  • You will become aware of your options so you can make informed and confident decisions
  • By working with our proven processes, together we will reduce the number of project change orders
  • We can identify the resources needed to get you and your project ready quickly and completed on time

Listen to what our customers have to say about our processes:


Tools we will use with you to support our process:

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Project Schedule

We always create a project schedule to help plan your project, identify critical activities and ensure we finish your project on time and on budget.         Click to View & Print

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Our construction proposals describe your project in detail and in the same order we plan to complete your project.  Click to View & Print

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Materials Sheet

To help identify materials to be used & those still to be selected (to ensure timely delivery).

                       Click to View & Print

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Contract Summary

Continuously updated statement of project changes & their impact on the original contract price.                                          Click to View & Print

Our On-Time Promise

By law, every home improvement contract in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must have a starting and finishing date written in. By sticking with our proven processes, we consistently complete projects on schedule. You can even confirm the progress by reviewing the project schedule we will share with you before you commit to the project.