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What To Look for When Hiring a Contractor

Check out their website. Do you have a process for making a decision? Do you have a budget? A clearly written contract. Think beyond price. Ask questions.

Pre-Construction Consulting Services

Would it be convenient to move right from the design process to permitting and construction? We help inform design decisions so that when the design is completed, the cost is known and your project matches your budget.

At HTR Construction Our Best Clients Share These Five Things In Common

They are referred to us by a past customer. They are willing to have an honest discussion about their budget and priorities.They work with us to create the scope of work for their project.They know something may not go as planned and want to be in good ha…

Three Things Most Consumers Don’t Think About When They Remodel

Planning and going forward with a remodeling project at your home can be a rewarding experience. At the same time, if you don’t choose the right remodeling contractor to work with, the project could turn out to be a nightmare. To help prevent others from …

What To Do Before Calling a Contractor

At HTR we believe our customers have fun and really enjoy the project pre-planning process because we work hard to setup the right atmosphere and to guide homeowners through the process in a thoughtful, but at the same time, a realistic way. Here are thre…

Five People to Speak With Before You Choose Your Contractor

Although doing online research about local contractors can help you filter through your options, there is nothing better than having first hand conversations with other homeowners who have already experienced working with the contractors you may be consid…

Three Reasons One Contractor’s Price Is Different than Another’s

If you have ever completed a remodeling project at your home, you are probably already well aware of the potential difference in price that there can be between various contractors looking at what you assumed to be the same project. There is much more to …

How Making Changes Midstream Can Really Increase the Cost of Your Project

Contractors and homeowners share a common priority when working together on a remodeling project; controlling project costs. For example, homeowners are wise to keep an eye on the costs of individual remodeling product selections against their allowancest…

HTR Construction Handyman Service

HTR Construction has begun offering a handyman service with the opportunity for former customers to schedule smaller work that they may need done on their home, on a flexible basis.We maintain a list of fill-in type projects that homeowner’s need done, th…

Ideas For Aging-in-Place Renovations

There are many options and upgrades that become useful and necessary as more and more homeowners choose to stay in their existing homes for as long as possible. Some of these options are simple and easy, others require some modest level of disruption and …