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What To Look for When Hiring a Contractor

Check out their website. Do you have a process for making a decision? Do you have a budget? A clearly written contract. Think beyond price. Ask questions.
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Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Making Changes Once the Project Has Started

Sometimes during construction great ideas and opportunities present themselves. This happened recently as we were working on our mid-century renovate-to-sell project, a Bedford, MA home for sale by HTR Construction when it is finished. During demolition …

Lunch Time

At HTR Construction, we work hard to create a family atmosphere, both in the office and on our job sites. We're a value driven company, with a living, breathing culture of shared core values among all our employees, which creates a unified and motivated w…

HTR Construction Donates Cabinets to Boston Building Resources

Boston Building Resources, in Boston, is an incredible place for pretty much anyone. If you are a homeowner, beginning an update on your kitchen, all your cabinets, appliances, fixtures and other construction elements like windows and doors or even doorkn…

HTR Construction's Proven Process

Next year, HTR Construction will celebrate 35 years in business. We have learned a lot of wisdom over the years and have oodles of experience and clarity on how best to serve our customers, our HTR team members and the community, with the important elemen…