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What To Look for When Hiring a Contractor

Check out their website. Do you have a process for making a decision? Do you have a budget? A clearly written contract. Think beyond price. Ask questions.

Pre-Construction Consulting Services

Would it be convenient to move right from the design process to permitting and construction? We help inform design decisions so that when the design is completed, the cost is known and your project matches your budget.

How to Decide If You Need an Architect for Your Renovation Project

If you are planning to do some remodeling at your home one important consideration will always be the design of your project. Designer vs architect: What's the difference? Do you need a design, a scope of work, or both?
a scope of work or both…t is also important to well define the full scope of work required /blog/how-decide-if-you-need-architect-your-remodeling-project

How To Make Sure You Get What You Expect When You Remodel

Remodeling your home can be a major investment of your time, money and energy. If the end result isn’t what you expected what you thought was going to be an investment in your home may end up being a waste of money.

At HTR Construction Our Best Clients Share These Five Things In Common

They are referred to us by a past customer. They are willing to have an honest discussion about their budget and priorities.They work with us to create the scope of work for their project.They know something may not go as planned and want to be in good ha…
They work with us to create the scope of work for their project A…w us to assist them in developing a complete scope of work using our preconstruction services. By doing /blog/htr-construction-our-best-clients-share-these-five-things-common

How Do I Decide If I Want to Involve an Architect in My Remodeling Project?

If you are planning a significant remodeling project at your home you are probably also trying to decide whether to use the services of an architect.The nature of some projects will require an architect be involved.However not all projects will require a …

Remodeling Estimates, Bids and Fixed Price Proposals: What’s the Difference?

There is a lot of confusion out there.Unfortunately many consumers as well as contractors don’t know the difference between a remodeling project estimate, a bid and a fixed price proposal.To make things worse many people use these words interchangeably as…
fixed price for a fixed and fully described scope of work. This is one way to make sure you will get w…provide a fixed price and a complete written scope of work until the project design /blog/remodeling-estimates-bids-and-fixed-price-proposals-whats-difference

Controlling Construction Costs Once Your Remodeling Project Has Started

When we meet with remodeling customers many ask us how to control construction costs during construction of their projects.Many share they are worried the final cost of their project may exceed their budget and or their available funds.Others are afraid t…
raid things may be missing from the original scope of work and agreed price. A good number share they f…dequate time helping them develop a complete scope of work. There can be many reasons the cost of a rem /blog/controlling-construction-costs-once-your-remodeling-project-has-started

What To Do Before Calling a Contractor

At HTR we believe our customers have fun and really enjoy the project pre-planning process because we work hard to setup the right atmosphere and to guide homeowners through the process in a thoughtful, but at the same time, a realistic way. Here are thre…
t and are confident with developing your own scope of workcan work together as partners developing the scope of work. Working together the contractor can offer t /blog/three-things-do-you-call-contractor

Do You Want a Remodeling Estimate or a Fixed Price Remodeling Proposal?

​The terms estimate and fixed price both, in some way, relate to putting a price on a proposed remodeling project. However, and unfortunately, the two words are often used interchangeably as if they all mean the same thing. This article is intended to fir…
prior to creating and or finalizing a scope of work or design. It is essentially a preliminary o…tract is literally a fixed price for a fixed scope of work. At HTR we provide fixed prices in our propo /blog/estimates-bids-and-fixed-prices-whats-difference