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Delivery of the Finished Product. The Closeout and Why Is It So Important?

Many homeowners have shared with us their disappointment with how long it took their last contractor to finish their remodeling project. One even shared it took several years. At HTR Construction we respect the fact that homeowners want the disruption ove…

When You Need Help Getting Started On Your Renovation Project (HTR Construction's Pre-Construction Services)

Professionals begin with the end in mind. We believe that design should be the documentation of your ideas, not the start of them. By using our preconstruction services and process we can help guide you to make the best, most informed decisions that meet …

Elements From a Horse Stable Repurposed Into A Victorian Part 1

Above, an extensive demolition begins on the interior of a local Victorian home. Elements rescued from a nearby horse stable (below) will be repurposed in the new addition of the Victorian.