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HTR Loves Repeat Customers

HTR Construction has just begun their second project for former clients in Bedford, MA. It is an extensive kitchen renovation that will include an aging-in-place bedroom on the first floor, as well as a new exterior deck. The renovation will allow for muc…

What Is The Lead Carpenter System and Why HTR Construction Uses It

A Lead Carpenter is defined by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) as someone right at the job site who, in addition to performing carpentry labor, is responsible for customer satisfaction, material lists and ordering, jobsite super…

Controlling Construction Costs Once Your Remodeling Project Has Started

When we meet with remodeling customers many ask us how to control construction costs during construction of their projects.Many share they are worried the final cost of their project may exceed their budget and or their available funds.Others are afraid t…

Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Making Changes Once the Project Has Started

Sometimes during construction great ideas and opportunities present themselves. This happened recently as we were working on our mid-century renovate-to-sell project, a Bedford, MA home for sale by HTR Construction when it is finished. During demolition …

HTR Kitchen Renovation Story

A HTR customer made a video of the kitchen renovation project we did at their home. It's interesting to watch the whole construction process come together, from their demoed kitchen to the finished project. Below, our client speaks about his experience wi…