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Up At The Tippy Top

​HTR Construction recently helped a family of six create a bedroom and full bath up in their attic for their teenage daughter. Now she has her own space, private and quiet, away from her busy ten-year-old triplet siblings. Filled with lots of light and be…

HTR Construction's Latest Project

We at HTR Construction pride ourselves on making the intrusion in your home as seamless and free of construction chaos on your daily life as possible. Many times this means being able to create a separate entrance into the project site so that you don't h…
ving. This project in a Boston suburb is an attic renovation /blog/htr-constructions-latest-project

Beautiful Attic Renovation

Awhile back we posted about an attic renovation that we were in doing in Newton, MA. It is now complete and the homeowners are delighted with their new master suite. If you'd like to see the before photos they are HERE.
Awhile back we posted about an attic renovation that we were in doing in Newton /blog/beautiful-attic-renovation

Making Way for Baby & Family Life

HTR Construction has completed a renovation on a third floor, at one of our client's homes, to make way for a new addition to their family. An older child's bedroom will now reside on the 3rd floor, along with a new home office and another bath. A perfect…

Winter Is Just Around the Corner

And we are here to help you! Do you have a project in mind? From basements to attics and everything in between, our proven process will take you from an idea to completion, before spring! And we will do it safely-…