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Working Covid-Safely in Your Home

Covid safety with boston contractor

In these times of Covid-19, our primary concern as a construction company, is maintaining the safety of our homeowners and employees alike. With that said, we can assure you we have processes in place that minimize direct contact with homeowners while doing renovation projects. How we as a construction team work together, while apart, has become incredibly important; in addition to hand-washing and wearing masks.

The good news is that at HTR Construction we have lots of experience creating temporary entrances into our customer's homes that minimize construction traffic in their living space. This can be done by creating a temporary door in an exterior wall (as you can see in the photo in this post), as well as by coming and going through a basement door, if creating a new family living or entertaining space in a basement.

Belmont MA remodeling contractor

We at HTR Construction are also masters at creating a temporary kitchen in your home, while we complete a beautiful renovation in your old kitchen to make your dreams come true. One of the biggest renovation trends is called the "Kitchen Bump-Out." With kitchens ever more increasingly becoming a main living space, most homeowners would love a bigger kitchen and this can easily be done. A 150-square-foot kitchen, when bumped out another 45 square feet, receives a 30-percent boost in space. Viola! To keep the home-owners safe during a kitchen renovation or any renovation, the plastic walls that once kept dust to a minimum, now serve as Covid barriers as well. Everyone's safety is our top concern.

Call HTR Construction today and we can help create a safe, on-time and on-budget renovation project in your home!