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What Is The Lead Carpenter System and Why HTR Construction Uses It

Lead Carpenters work for Bedford MA General Contractor A Lead Carpenter is defined by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) as someone right at the job site who, in addition to performing carpentry labor, is responsible for customer satisfaction, material lists and ordering, jobsite supervision (including protection, cleanliness, and safety), supervising and scheduling sub-contractors, building inspections, and a variety of project related paperwork. To do this the contractor must have and use a true Lead Carpenter System, so that potential lead carpenters can be trained to use the system, and will have the information and resources needed to perform those activities right at the job site.

At HTR we assign an experienced Lead Carpenter to each project because we know this industry practice is the best way to make sure the project goes well and that our customers will have a good experience along the way.

We have noticed that some remodeling contractors in Lexington, Bedford, Concord and other surrounding communities claim to have and use Lead Carpenters. But, in reality they frequently have carpenters who are supervised by either the business owner or a production supervisor. Unless the person called a Lead Carpenter does all of the things listed by NARI, homeowners, as well as the carpenters working for those companies, can be misled and may be missing out on some very valuable benefits.

Below are just three ways a HTR Lead Carpenter can help make your remodeling experience successful and more enjoyable.

Lead Carpenter Benefit #1: Project knowledge

As a trained expert in construction, as well as construction management, your HTR Lead Carpenter becomes involved in your project well before your project begins. After signing your fixed price proposal, a Lead Carpenter is assigned to your project and begins to study the plans and specifications for the project. Before construction begins, the Lead Carpenter will also visit the job site, with company owner Tom Fernandes, to become familiar with existing conditions and review the scope of work he will be responsible for. By doing so, your project gets off to a quick start the first day your Lead carpenter and his team arrive to begin construction.

Lead Carpenter Benefit #2: On-site communication

Because we assign one Lead Carpenter to each project you will quickly get to know and start working together with your Lead Carpenter. You can count on your Lead Carpenter to provide timely answers to your questions, as well as those asked by other HTR Construction employees or our time tested sub-contractors. Your Lead Carpenter will keep an eye on the weather to minimize schedule challenges and protect your home from the elements if need be. Your Lead Carpenter will also proactively keep you informed about what will happen next, as your project moves through the different stages of construction. We know these things are beneficial because many HTR customers request their Lead Carpenter return when they do additional projects with us.


Lead Carpenter Benefit #3: Stay on schedule

Some businesses that do not use a Lead Carpenter system have challenges keeping remodeling jobs on schedule, because the business owner or the production supervisor is managing multiple jobs all at the same time. In some ways your Lead Carpenter is like the ring leader at a circus. It is his responsibility to coordinate the work and activities of many other trade professionals at your home, to keep them, and therefore your project, on the promised completion schedule. Doing this, while on site, can help limit the amount of time you and your family will be affected by construction. It can also help make sure your project is ready on time, so you can move in and use the remodeled space for the very reason you decided to do it.

If you would like to know more about the Lead Carpenter System, and how you could benefit by having a HTR lead carpenter manage your remodeling project, feel free to contact us today.

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