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Wet Shoes, Sporting Equipment & Sanity!

mudroom boston

One space that has become increasingly popular in home additions and renovations in recent years is the mudroom. Being the transition between outdoors and indoors, the best mudrooms won't only make the entrance to your home look and feel welcoming, but will be very efficient as well. Imagine having a designated place to sit and remove boots, hang jackets and coats, store everything from hats, footwear, umbrellas and all that sporting equipment. Heavenly!

The beautiful mudroom below is large enough to hold an ample collection of boots and shoes, as well as counter space for collecting the mail and charging phones and laptops etc.

lexington ma mudroom

Another great addition to a mudroom is to combine it with the laundry room, so that dirty sports clothing and muddy cleats etc can go directly into the wash and not have to be trekked to another location in the home to be cleaned.

concord ma mudroom

Other details that you might like to include in a mudroom is a mirror or a big clock, a space for beach towel storage, a gardening supply area or a bulletin board/chalkboard painted wall, for leaving loved ones a note or to showcase children's art.

Even a more simple mudroom, like the one below, can make all the difference in your home!

Bedford ma mudroom

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