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Simple Problems HTR Construction Provides Solutions For

Aging-in-place Westford, MA

A good renovation business has ways to solve a variety of home improvement problems, not all, but many. Whenever some part of your house is dated, worn out, rotted or broken, the first decision is to whether to repair or replace it, but which one makes sense? Where do you find the right information you need to make a good decision? The web, other homeowners, Home Depot? What is the difference in cost between fixing something you have instead of buying a new one? This decision can be applied to a window rope, a bathroom with dated tile or a floor plan that no longer works for today’s needs.

What you’re really hoping for in this situation is a company that has qualified people that can solve problems. Each scenario has different problems, but what is the best choice and why? What is important to the homeowner at any given time is different, sometimes similar, but always different. Is there a time crunch? Is budget a concern? Is your investment level in your home a concern? Have there been significant changes in your family dynamic?

A qualified professional with the experience to know the best solutions, have confidence estimating what they will cost and listen to their customers to understand what’s important to them is a true problem solver. All of these component parts need to come together at once, and only you know the right choice!

Below are simple repair/replace decisions that HTR Construction can help you with:

Windows, doors and hardware

Repairing and painting your cracked ceilings or removing the old plaster and installing new

Replacing individual fixtures or an entire bathroom, perhaps keeping aging-in-place options in mind.

Repairing your siding or replacing it

Repairing your fireplace hearth.

Repairing your deck or replacing and/or expanding it

Repairing your heating system or upgrading it to today’s standards of efficiency

Replacing counter tops or the entire kitchen

Changing the existing floor plan or adding the space you need.

Contact HTR Construction today for these and other simple problems that we can provide you solutions for.