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Relaxing On Your New Deck


Do you dream of relaxing on a beautiful outdoor deck or patio after a long day? Decks are also such a wonderful place to entertain friends and family on the weekend for barbecues and cocktail parties, as well as simply being able to have smaller family meals together outside. Expanding your living space, also adds great value to your home, should you someday decide to sell.

HTR Construction can help you bring your outdoor-living dreams to life!

lexington ma deck installation

Here are some things to consider, besides the materials to use, when planning your deck:

~Besides having a dining area, perhaps create an area for lounge chairs and a low table or two, in either a sunny or shady spot, depending on what you prefer. If you like shade and your yard has lots of sun, consider a big umbrella to sit under for protection. 

~Also to consider, if you have space, is a sitting area with an all-weather couch and comfortable accent pillows, chairs and a coffee table.

~Bird feeders are a lovely way to bring in nature and wildlife entertainment.

~Sunny spots are great for potted plants for growing pretty flowers and for raising tomatoes, lettuce, beans and herbs etc.that grow so well in pots. Potted containers are also great as color accents and for adding height around the deck with tall, striking plantings.

~Do you love the idea of a deck but don't love your view? Slat screens can easily be connected to an overhead pergola, that also creates more privacy as well. 

~Outlets are important on decks too, perhaps for setting up a bar with the option for a blender etc, not to mention a place to charge phones or to plug in a few fans on the warmest of days.

~Perhaps an area for a hot tub is something you'd like to consider?

~Placement of a barbecue grill is also important, so that the heat and smoke from it isn't in proximity to where people are socialize.

~ An area for a fire pit makes chilly nights very cozy and adds to your deck's ambiance, as does strategically placed exterior lighting. Stairway lighting sets the mood and keeps steps safe. If your deck is sunny you can also take advantage of solar powered lights as an energy-saving option.

Call HTR Construction today and we'll help your dreams for a wonderful deck come true!