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Lexington Kitchen Renovation

empty nester kitchen renovation lexington ma

One of HTR Construction's latest completed projects is a kitchen renovation for a empty-nester couple that had waited 25 years to create their dream kitchen. The project took 6 weeks from start to finish and they are delighted. They said, "It was time to just rip the bandaid off and finally do it, after years of dreading going through the chaos and upheaval in our home."

They have shared that the project went seamlessly from start to finish and are very happy customers. This they explained was helped by the fact that HTR set up a temporary kitchen for them in their dining room, that included everything but a stove (they were able to use their grille outside to BBQ in the meantime) and that dust from the project was well controlled. They also said that taking advantage of HTR Construction's pre-construction services was a huge benefit in their process. 

boston empty nester kitchen renovation

One of key elements in their design process was to knock down the wall between their old kitchen and the dining room. This decision brought in plenty of light, as well as updated the layout of their home to a more open air, 21st-century aesthetic.

Below is the original kitchen. Our customers said that they are very happy to have their old rickety kitchen drawers, cabinets, mismatching counter tops and low ceiling be a thing of the past and can't wait to hire HTR Construction again to renovate their master bathroom.  

lexington ma before and after kitchen