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HTR Construction Donates Cabinets to Boston Building Resources

Boston Building Resource

Boston Building Resources, (BBR) in Boston, is an incredible place for pretty much anyone. If you are a homeowner, beginning an update on your kitchen, all your cabinets, appliances, fixtures and other construction elements like windows and doors, or even doorknobs, can be donated to BBR.  With such a generous donation, BBR will be happy to give you a tax deduction form. 

Recently, HTR has begun to recycle old cabinets from our client’s homes that have historically gone in the dumpster and sadly become landfill. As HTR Construction owner Tom Fernandes shared, “I love knowing that older cabinets that no longer have worth to one person, are getting utilized by someone else.”The other great news is that BBR will come and pick up any donations that you have at your home.

The magic at Boston Building Resources however doesn’t stop there! If you are a homeowner looking to refresh your own home with recycled materials, or need to do repairs after a storm or any other project you are planning, Boston Building Resources can be a wonderful place to shop, with great prices, not to mention the environmental impact of using recycled materials. BBR's Consumer Coop offers both new and reused building materials and the best news is that low to moderate income homeowners can receive 1/3 off prices in their Reuse Center.

They also offer a wide selection of classes on subjects such as how to do a bathroom renovation, how to restore wood, rehabilitate old windows and dealing with that all mighty monster in your basement, your heating system.

Boston Building Resources is also a great place to volunteer!

Pictured to the left is Tom, with Boston Building Resources Director of Communications, Deb Beatty Mel, when HTR recently dropped off a donation,