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How Do I Decide If I Want to Involve an Architect in My Remodeling Project?

Do I need an architect for my remodeling project?

If you are planning a significant remodeling project at your home, you are probably also trying to decide whether to use the services of an architect. The nature of some projects will require an architect be involved. However not all projects will require a licensed architect become involved. There are projects where a professional designer and or a contractor can help who might even be able to offer assistance you can’t get from most architects. Here at HTR Construction we can work with you and your architect. Depending on your needs we can also assist you either by recommending an architect we have experience with or in many cases company owner Tom Fernandes can help you with your design. The key is to know what design service options are available to choose from depending on your needs, as well as the needs of your project.

Three good reasons to use a Licensed Architect

Lexington, MA addition by Bedford, MA designer-builder

  1. If your project involves major structural changes or additions to your home most building departments require plans prepared by a licensed architect to secure a building permit.
  2. Some architects specialize in certain home styles and designs. If you own a contemporary style home in Concord, MA or perhaps a traditional colonial in Lexington, MA, and want to maintain your home’s architectural integrity when you remodel, an architect with the right talent and experience can make all the difference.
  3. If you want to dramatically change the layout and style of your home but are not sure what options may be available, an experienced architect may be able to offer ideas as well as rendered drawings to help you visualize and confidently choose from your options.

Three reasons you may not need or want to use a Licensed Architect

  1. If your remodeling project does not include major structural changes, the services of a licensed architect may not be needed. Examples can include bath renovations, a new kitchen, interior renovations, a finished basement or a simple addition. If you are planning one of these projects, the same contractor that performs the work may also be able to help you design and specify what should be included.
  2. Licensed architects are typically more expensive than unlicensed design professionals. If a licensed architect is not a municipal requirement, many of our customers have experienced great value and creative assistance working with an interior designer.
  3. Although many promise to do so, our experience at HTR is that most architects cannot design a project within an established budget. Although typically good at designing, most architects do not know how to estimate construction costs. If staying within your budget is important, you may incur additional costs if redesigning becomes a requirement.

Would Design/Build be a better option for you and your project?

To help you come up with the best value for your new remodeling project, HTR Construction offers the Design/Build process to help you design and build to meet your purposes within your budget.

What is Design/Build?

Lexington MA Design Builder Tom Fernandes

Design/Build is an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method, where design and construction services are split into separate entities, separate contracts, and separate work.

Design/Build is a method of project delivery in which a single entity provides the client all of the services necessary to both design and construct a remodeling or construction project. This means the Design/Build team takes full responsibility for both the design as well as the construction.

If you would like to consider Design/Build for your project contact us today. Company owner, Tom Fernandes, can either help you himself or can match you and your project to the right architect or designer to create the ideal Design/Build team for you and your project.