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Five People to Speak With Before You Choose Your Contractor

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Choosing the right contractor to partner with for your remodeling project is the best way to ensure a great project, as well as a great remodeling experience. Although doing online research about local contractors can help you filter through your options, there is nothing better than having first hand conversations with other homeowners who have already experienced working with the contractors you may be considering. Here’s a list of five people you can speak with to help you with your contractor selection process. Number one might be the most enlightening!

#1: Someone who chose the wrong contractor

Unfortunately there are many homeowners who have had bad experiences working with remodeling contractors. By speaking with one of them you could accomplish two important objectives. First, you will know which contractor to avoid. Second, and most important, you will have a list of the things you don’t want to happen to you or on your project.

#2: Whomever referred you to the contractor

If you are fortunate enough to have someone refer you to a local contractor we suggest you seek to know more about why that person was willing to do so. A good way to start this conversation might be to ask for the three top reasons they would use the contractor again in the future. After hearing their thoughts ask them about things you are concerned about and or want make sure the contractor can assist you with. Have your list ready before you start the conversation, but don’t be afraid to expand your list during the conversation.

#3: A previous customer who had a problem happen at their job

If you are narrowing down your contractor list why not ask those contractors if you can speak with at least one of their previous clients who had experienced a problem or challenge during their project. At HTR we consider such a request as an opportunity. Due to the nature of the work, unexpected challenges pop up quite frequently on remodeling projects. We pride ourselves in our ability to identify and adjust to challenges in ways that help keep your project moving and maintain your trust and confidence in us. If a contractor is hesitant to assist you with this request, ask him or her why.

#4: The contractor’s materials suppliers

Good contractors know the importance of working with good material suppliers and product showrooms. Ask the contractors you interview who they buy from. Then, check into the reputation of those suppliers. If you find that the suppliers are reputable, why not call one or two to ask about the contractor? Here are a few suggested questions to ask. Do they have accounts in good standing and pay their bills on time? Do they order materials well in advance or are they always looking to get things last minute? Do they attend trade events offered and or sponsored by the vendor to expand their business, trade and product knowledge? Asking these types of questions may sound unusual, but doing so sure helps you “look under the hood” of the contractor’s business.

#5: The contractor him/herself

Unfortunately too many consumers choose their contractor with a priority on price. Then after the contractor starts, many come to realize the reason for the low price. As you work to qualify the right remodeling contractor for you and your project, we suggest you seek a balance between the quality of workmanship, and customer service you desire and the price you are willing to or can afford to pay for your project. Although many suggest you get three prices for your remodeling project, consider the possible risks of selecting, as well as the true value of a price, from a contractor you would not feel comfortable working with and or you know little about.