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Elements From a Horse Stable Repurposed Into A Victorian Part 1

boston victorian renovation

Above, an extensive demolition begins on the interior of a local Victorian home of a client who is a repeat customer. Elements rescued from a nearby horse stable (below) will be repurposed in the new addition of the Victorian. 

horse stable elements get repurposed into victorian home

The  horse stable's door and other elements, such as the its beams etc, will creatively find a new home in the Victorian renovation.

horse stable door gets repurposed into victorian home

Below, some of the HTR Construction team discuss and plan the details of the project. 

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The team works together to make it happen.

victorian home renovation boston metrowest

when the walls come down, victorian renovation

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And lastly, below, a short video of the demolition in progress.

Stay tuned for updates on this very interesting renovation and 

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