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Creating A Space for Teenagers to Hangout

Boston basement renovations

As we all know, the world is a very different place for teenagers now, than it was when we were growing up. Having a good relationship with our teens and their friends is much more necessary than it was back in the day, when we hung out at the local park and didn’t see our parents for hours upon hours.

Studies show that the best way to keep an eye on our teenager’s life and social world is to make our house the landing place for where they gather. Not only does this bring peace of mind for parents but we also get to know our children and their friends in a more intimate way, weaving them more fully into the fabric of our home life. When our teenagers are around their friends, sides of their personalities emerge that we don't get to see when we are with them alone. 

So, it’s a great family investment to redo your basement and make your home the hangout place. Plus, further down the road, the space can be transitioned into a wonderful grownup space to entertain, view movies or even make a wine cellar, complete with tasting bar! When the grandchildren come along, add a pull-out sofa or two and you instantly increase the number of places for sleeping and save on the cost of housing family at a hotel near-by!

A finished basement is also a great financial investment, if you ever decide to sell your home. The added value of a finished basement tends to be about 50% of the value of the floor above it. This makes it one of the smartest renovations you can do in your home.

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