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Bringing Down The Walls

Navagating Chestnut Hill Zoning reguations

Recently HTR Construction posted about a new project that we are doing in Chestnut Hill, MA, where the homeowners are leaving some of the original walls of their home intact, in order to comply with local historical and zoning regulations, which don't allow homes to be knocked down and rebuilt. See our short video story about the project here.

Now that the demolition is done and the rebuild of the new home is on it's way, we wanted to post some before photos of the original home. We'll be following this job over the coming weeks with updates. So stay tuned! The photo above is the back of the house post-demolition and the photo below is the back of the house pre-demolition.

chestnut hill historical regulations

Below is the front of the house pre-demolition. The 1954 ranch will transform into a two-story home.

when the walls come down

Below is part of the HTR Construction crew preparing for the next phase in the job.

Historical zoning laws in Chestnut Hill, MA

Until we had them stop and pose for a photo below for our website :-)

HTR Construction