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Ben Franklin Said it So Well

a contractor you can trust

Many times over the 30+ years that HTR Construction has been in business, homeowners have asked us to take over a construction project, when another contractor failed to complete the renovation on their home. This can happen for many reasons:

  • poor project management
  • unreliable workers; carpenters and sub-contractors
  • lack of communication between the contractor and homeowner or within the construction team
  • poor accounting
  • permit issues
  • poor planning

Along with having years of project management experience and a great team here at HTR Construction, we can also start you off on the right foot with our Pre-Construction Consulting Services. By using our Pre-Construction Consulting Services and process, we help guide you to make the best, most informed decisions, that meet your needs, as well as your budget. 

Also at HTR Construction we provide you with a promisea fixed-price proposal. In our proposal, we describe the specifications needed to provide you the finished product you desire, in language you can understand. We will also identify the specific budgets for materials yet to be chosen, such as fixtures and tile. See an example of one of our fixed-price proposals here.

Another reason we have happy customers is because, not only do we stay on-budget, we also complete your project on-time with a Project Schedule for the renovation work at your home. Our customers love this because they can follow along with the schedule each week and know what is expected on the project at their home.

Being on-time and staying on-budget is what sets HTR Construction apart from other contractors!

Below, one of our happy customers shares about HTR Construction taking over, when the first contractor they hired failed them.