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Pre-Construction Consulting Services

Pre-Construction Consulting & Guidance

Avoid paying for design AND redesign:

  • What would it be worth it to make sure your investment of meeting time and design fees result in a viable project budget?
  • Will your designer be able to assure you their designs can be built at a cost that matches your budget?
  • Would it make sense for your design to evolve with your budget in mind so you’re able to make informed choices along the way?

Designing to a budget:

HTR’s Pre-Construction Consulting Services was created to help homeowners come up with a sensible construction budget that meets all or as many project requirements as possible. 

  • First, review a practical cost estimation of  your hopeful project. Then decide what you’re willing to spend, what is worth investing in, and make a design that fits your requirements. The design process may also reveal new, worthwhile ideas. 
  • Real time cost estimating is critical to keeping on the design track. It can put your mind at ease and shed light on ideas that aren’t worth the money early in the design process. 
  • This sort of design/cost dialogue eases your fears that when the design is complete, it will not match your budget. What do you do if that happens? Go back to the drawing board and spend more time and money on redesign...

Move Right into Construction:

  • You’ll lose no time moving right from the design process to a contract, permitting and construction. 
  • We help inform design decisions so that when the design is completed, the cost is known and your project matches your budget.
  • Your builder is prepared, has already coordinated many aspects of the project and is ready to pull a permit and start building. 
  • Everyone on the team has known the goal all along- to get your project built on time and on budget.

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