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Company History


We have been in the construction business for more than 30 years. Even so, we still have a thirst for new challenges, growth and constant learning. HTR has gotten to where we are with these values in mind. Our vision for the future holds new challenges for our entire team. We will continue to thrive on these values, raise our standards and exceed our clients' expectations, while consistently producing outstanding results.

Mission Statement:

Our focus is to leverage our years of experience to ensure a smooth construction process, consistently achieving high quality results and maximizing resources; ours as well as yours.                                            

Company Objectives:

  • Nearly all HTR Construction, Inc.'s customers find us through "word of mouth". We continuously strive to improve customer service, earn customers for life and as a result expand the network of those who refer us.
  • Each project has many variables that determine a successful outcome. Our personnel objective is to seek out top-level tradesmen with project management capabilities who help us achieve what we have promised you.
  • Our goal is to assure our customers' projects and the process by which they are completed are consistently predictable and rewarding for all involved.