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                                               Meet Our Team!

We provide value in our community with teamwork, systems, constant learning and improvement. We invest in our employees, developing individuals, leaders and teams to well serve our clients today, and even better in the future. Communicating with our clients, from the first meeting through construction, gives them access to the information they need and a direct way to share any concerns. Our team will always listen and take care of our client relationships.


                           Supervisors    Lead Carpenters    Trainees



                                           Our Management Team

__-____ Supervisors   Lead Carpenters  TraineesOSupervisors L ________________________Our focus on learning and improvement never ceases. Our management team is devoted to taking advantage of learning opportunities and making our front-line team members successful in every way possible. We have regular, weekly training sessions to support meeting schedules, budgets and our exceptionally high standards for customer service. Each year, we learn more about understanding our clients’ needs and prepare our teams to meet their expectations on a day in and day out basis.

Brian is responsible for field supervision, in addition to his lead carpenter role.


Julie is our Operations & Production Manager


Alex is our Sales & Marketing Manager, as well as our Talent Recruiter


Kate is our Finance Manager


Louise manages our website and social media



                                           Our Solutions Designer

Tom brings 35 years of experience to his role mentoring all HTR team members. His long term vision of a growing, successful company drives him to continually advance his ability to serve clients, provide the solutions they’re looking for and develop leaders in all positions. Tom is driven to meet challenges of every sort and sets high expectations for all team members, to meet the standards he sets.